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HaGibor HaAlmoni 56-62, Tel Aviv

הדמייה הגיבור האלמוני 56-62

Reinventing Tel Aviv

Tel Aviv’s Yad Eliyahu neighborhood showcases the finest in urban renewal, surrounded by green areas and excellent access to educational institutions and major transportation networks. HaGibor HaAlmoni is an impressive project combining a classic perimeter block design with a spectacular tower that will shine amid the Tel Aviv skyline







The project is currently in the TABA planning stage

Designed by MY Architects


May Architects

the structure

8 floors, 27 apartments

the location

Remez 28, Tel Aviv

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רחוב החרושת 18, רמת השרון
03-3106043, *5579

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הדמייה הגיבור האלמוני 56-62
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